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want it :))
11 October 2013 | 6 Comments
Hi and assalamualaikum :)
Look at the picture above. Arghh I want that sweater >.<
conversation between me and mom :-
me : mom I want it. please ~
mom : you already have a lot of , right ?
me : but I want something like this one.
mom : *look at the picture*
mom : let me think first
me : yayyyy. Thanks mom. loveyou :* 
mom : *make a annoying face*

Hahaha. I love this conversation :) kbye and assalamualaikum peeps 

Blogger ezyra daniel said...

ok sweater nie comel...
hehe best nye mom dia nak beli kan

Blogger shida jamal ♡ said...

comel right? hahaha

Blogger Soo Hyun said...

comel nye.. ^^

Blogger shida jamal ♡ said...

hehehe ;)

Blogger Qla Ndhrh said...

Arghhhh serious comel gila ! I hope mom like your mom hahaha

Blogger shida jamal ♡ said...

yeah. hahaha I hope so ;)


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